Gallinet, Rotawin, RCS & Legacy

A brief history of PeopleHours, RCS, RotaWin & RotaMaster

We were pleased to announce to our clients back in 2008 that Gallinet completed the acquisition of RCS Ltd, the original developers and publishers of the peoplehours on-line scheduling system."

RCS has a truly outstanding history in software development, specifically for the security industry, being responsible for RotaMaster and RotaWin, few in the industry have not encountered their software at one point or another during their careers.

Gallinet's control room had used PeopleHours for over 4 years providing unrivalled features for our controllers working on the behalf of our own clients and also providing our clients with the means to connect to the system, without effort or complication, to control their own scheduling, reporting, or financial requirements.

Gallinet committed to remaining ahead of the market in every way and the purchase of RCS and the PeopleHours source code provided further distance between rival companies and systems.

There is no doubt that RotaWin was the leading scheduling package of the mid 90's. The author of this ground breaking product decided to use his experience to create an entirely web based solution, PeopleHours. He decided to make full use of ASP.NET and associated Microsoft technology with a package that achieved a Microsoft approved code review enabling Gallinet to obtain the Gold Microsoft partnership award.

The main advantage the developers had over others (apart from considerable skill and experience) was that PeopleHours was a complete re-write from the ground up using ASP.NET without worries about legacy code or data. This means that the code has always been written for the system it is on and not bent and twisted to make an old system work for the web.



Gallinet's ownership and continued development of PeopleHours have provided benefits unique within the industry :

  • Gallinet's many years of experience in the industry guides future software development ensuring that new features don't just look good on paper and in development meetings, but are actually operationally sound and beneficial to clients within the industry.
  • As owners of the systems we use to provide our services we are not subject to the constraints of a third party provider who's agenda or priorities may not match our own or those of our clients.
  • Supporting the systems is now managed in-house by the very staff that produced the system and most importantly use it themselves each and every day : we are our own largest client.
  • We are able to respond to client requested development and features.