Adding Branches

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Adding Branches

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Select the Organisation tab on the left of the window, and then click on the Branches tab at the top of the window.

The application will display the Branches Window.


Branch Admin

Branch Admin


On the left of the window the existing branches will be listed.

In the center of the main window, click on the Short Name field. Enter the short name of your branch.

This will be displayed throughout the PeopleHours™ applications when viewing location or employee data.

Click on the Name field and type in the full name of your branch.

Click on the Address Line 1 field and input line 1 of the address. Repeat for Address line 2 and City.

Click on the county field and select the correct county from the drop down list.

Click on the Post Code field and enter the Post Code.

Click on the Telephone field and enter the branch telephone number.

Click on the Branch PB Code field and select the required PB Code, if required, from the drop down list of PB Codes.

Click on the Public Holidays field and select the required Public Holiday Scheme from the drop down list of Public Holiday Schemes.

Click on the ‘Save’ button to store your data.    

If you wish to add another branch, click on the 'New' button towards the top left of the window, the displayed data will be stored and a new blank record will be created ready for your input.