Adding CallTaker Messages

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Adding CallTaker Messages

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Open the Administration Module.

Select Static Data from the left hand menu

Select CT Messages from the tabs displayed at the top of the window.

The CT messages window will be displayed. Any CallTaker messages that have already been created will also be displayed.


CT Messages

CT Messages


To add a new CT message, click on the empty MIN cell at the bottom of the table and enter the unique 3 digit identifier you wish to use.

Click on the message cell and enter the message description that you wished to be displayed by the Incident Logging module when the message is received.

Next click on the Creates Incident cell and select the incident type from the drop down list displayed.

Incident types are set up using the Static Data : Incidents tab.

Next indicate whether the CT Message can only be received in relation to an event / event by clicking on the tick box in the ‘Event Required’ column. If the ‘Event Required’ box is ticked, the message will only be accepted by CallTaker if the employee sends the message during the period he is scheduled to an event being monitored by CallTaker. If the ‘Event Required’ box is not ticked, the message will be accepted by CallTaker whenever it is sent.

Once you entered your data, click on the ‘Save’ button.