Adding Incident Types

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Adding Incident Types

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Open the Administration Module.

Select Static Data from the left hand menu

Select the Incidents tab displayed at the top of the window. The Incidents window will be displayed.

Any existing Incident types will also be displayed in the Incident Types box on the left of the window.


Incident Types

Incident Types


To create a new Incident type, click on the ‘New’ button.

Enter the short name you wish to use.

Enter the description for the new incident type.

Enter the priority you wish to assign for the incident type where 1 is the highest priority.

The Incident Logging module uses the priority to determine the order in which incident are displayed to the screen where more than one incident requires attention at the same time. In WorkMonitor a priority one incident will also be displayed with a red background and a siren sound will be played rather than the buzzer sound used for lower priority incidents.

Indicate whether the Incident Type will be displayed in the WorkMonitor application by ticking the ‘Shown in WorkMonitor’ box for yes or leaving blank for no.

Indicate whether you want the entry of an initial description for the incident should be mandatory by ticking the ‘Incident Description Required’ box for yes or leaving it blank for no.

Indicate whether the incident is enabled, i.e. available for use, by ticking the ‘Enabled’ box for yes or leaving it blank for no.

Next you will need to indicate whether you want the incident type to be used in WorkMonitor or for CallTaker messages or both by selecting the required entries in the Select application box.

Once you have input the required data, click on the ‘Save’ button to store your new record.