Administration Data Setup & Maintenance

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Administration Data Setup & Maintenance

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The static data required by the application is set up and maintained using the Administration application.

Standard Code-sets are supplied with the database for your use, these can however be modified where necessary to match your unique requirements.  

The Administration application allows the user to maintain the following:




Set up and maintenance of your application users

User Roles

Apply Roles to your users


Set up Roles to determine access rights


Determine which reports can be run by each role.



Maintenance of branches


Maintenance of staff who will receive automatic notifications of any failure to make a scheduled call where the WorkMonitor application is being used

WorkMonitor Views

Determine the filters to be used when viewing data in WorkMonitor

Outsourced Control

Activates and deactivates Outsourced control room services


Determines available TelMe options by branch.

Pay and Bill


Defining the Pay & Bill codes that are used by the application


Defining the Pay & Bill rules that are used by the application


Defining employee pay terms

Public Holidays

Set up and maintenance of public holiday calendars


An option to allow the user to manually cause the application to recalculate the pay and bills rates for all events within a specified period.  Only to be used on instruction from the Support Desk.

Static Data


Used to set up customers where services are provided across multiple locations.


Defining the skills and qualifications that are required within the applications

Event Types

Defining the Event types that can be used in the Scheduling application, their display characteristics and the PB rules that are to be applied

Equipment Types

Defining the equipment items that can be used in Employee Equipment and Locations : Additional Data


Defining the Reasons codes that are valid for actions that are performed in the PeopleHours™ applications


List of geographical regions

CT Messages

Defining the messages can be sent via CallTaker


Defining the type of incidents that can be recorded within the application

Pay Groups

Defining the Pay Groups that can be applied to Employee records

Bill Groups

Defining the Bill Groups that can be applied to Location records

HR Lists

Define user created questions and answered to be used in Employee HR

Document Types

Defining the types of documents that can be assigned to upload files.


When entering the Administration application the categories are displayed on the left of the window.

The options within each category are displayed across the top of the window in tabs when a category has been selected.


Administration Screen

Administration Screen