Location Data (Patrol)

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Location Data (Patrol)

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This option is accessed by selecting the Location Data tab on the left of the window and is used to create and maintain the data required by the application for your customer location.

When you select the Location Data tab, the application will display a list of existing locations for the selected branch on the left of the window.

If you have not selected a location from the location list on the left of the window, the fields displayed will be blank.


The sub screens specific to PeoplePatrol functions only are covered with within this section of the user manual.


Patrol Escalation

Patrol Contracts

Patrol Types


Locations Details

Locations Details


PeoplePatrol shares Location Data with the main PeopleHours application.

Any changes made in PeoplePatrol will be reflected when viewing the data record within any other modules.

See : Setting Up a New Location : Amending Existing Location : Deleting Existing Location for additional information.