AutoCreate Duties

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AutoCreate Duties

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The AutoCreate function allows the user to AutoCreate, or apply, recurring events for a specified period, for a branch, a location, a contract, a post or just the selected events.

Before this function can be used a reason needs to be created in the Administration module.

If the process finds an un-overrideable check failure when creating events, the event will be created as an unallocated event.

This and any overrideable check failures will be displayed in the AutoCreate window once the process has finished.


Open the Schedule application.

Select a location or employee with recurring events.

Click on the ‘Auto’ button.  The application will display the Choose AutoCreate window.


Choose AutoCreate Window

Choose AutoCreate Window


Select the option you wish to AutoCreate events for by clicking on the relevant radio button.  The options are:

Branch – the branch to which the selected location belongs

Location – the selected location

Contract – the selected contract within the location

The following three options are also available if recurring events have been selected prior to clicking on the ‘Auto’ button:

Post – the selected post with in the contract

 Employee – the employee allocated to the selected events

 Selected events – just the selected events

Next enter from and to dates for the period that you wish to create events for.

Select the reason and enter comments of required. Click on the ‘Next’ button. The application will now display a progress window.


Autocreate Progress Window

Autocreate Progress Window


This window will display the progress of the AutoCreation process which may take some time depending on the options and date range selected.

This window can be closed if required and the process will continue in the background.

If you wish to stop the process at any time, click on the ‘Cancel’ button.


Autocreate Result Details

Autocreate Result Details


Once the process has been completed, the AutoCreate window will display the message ‘Successfully completed’.

The message text will also detail:

The number of events that have been created

How many of the created events had overrideable check failures

How many event that have been created as unallocated due to un-overrideable check failures.


Note: The above process can be fully automated with background processes's using Auto Generate Duties