Auto Take Book Ons & Book Offs

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Auto Take Book Ons & Book Offs

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The Auto Take function caters for locations where book ons and book offs are not monitored, but Check Calls are.

The function is enabled by a database setting and is defined at a Post level.  If you wish to use this function please contact Customer Support.

When enabled, the background notification process will monitor the calls and ‘auto take’ any relevant calls once they have become overdue, i.e. are outside the post window set in the application.

When a call that has been configured to be ‘auto taken’ goes overdue in WorkMonitor, it will be displayed in pink to indicate that no action need be taken by the controller.


Auto Take

Auto Take


Setting Up the Auto Take option


Open the Schedule application.

Select Location Data from the left of the window.

Select the Location required from the location list on the left of the window.

Select the Time Capture tab at the top of the window. The Time Capture window will now be displayed.

If the boxes displayed under the AutoTake label at the top of the window are greyed out, the database function has not been enabled. Contact Customer Support to rectify this.

To enable AutoTake, tick the box to the right of the call type After field by clicking on it. Click on the ‘Save’ button on the right of the window to save the changes.

Repeat these steps for each post required.