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By Filter View

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Data can also be accessed and modified using the By Filter window.

This provides a quick method to view types of duties or duties in a specific state, such as requiring approval or unallocated, without the need to view each location individually.

To access the window select the By Filter tab at the top of the window.


By filter view

By filter view


The first line of the window displays the icons available for the window.

The second line displays:

The filter selection drop down field

From Date and Time, To Date and Time fields to allow the user to specify the period to be used when filtering record

Order field to allow the user to change the sort order of the records displayed

Max Rows which allows the user to determine the maximum number of records matching the selected criteria that can be displayed at a time.

A Fetch button which causes the records to be retrieved against the filter and other criteria specified.


The body of the window will display any events that match the filter selected.


Various filters are able to be applied although these may differ from one instance of PeopleHours to another.


Requires Approval

Lists all duties where an approval flag has been triggered.


Lists all duties where an employee hasn't been allocated to an existing duty

Late Book Ons

Lists all duties where en employee has booked on duty after the scheduled start time.

Notification Sent

Lists all duties where a notification trigger was generated.


Lists all duties where the duty state is set as unconfirmed.

Check Failures

Lists all duties where a duty check fail was triggered.

Current by Location

Lists all duties that are active at the time the filter was applied sorted by location.

Duties with Easy PayBill

Lists all duties where a rate override has been applied using Easy PayBill

Duties with Incidents

Lists all duties where an incident has been recorded.

Current by Start

Lists all duties that are active at the time the filter was applied sorted by time.


Lists all duties where a book off call has not been recorded.


Lists all duties that have been deleted

Missed On's

Lists all duties where no book on call has been recorded.


If you cannot see one or more of the filters listed above you can contact Customer Support and request that they are enabled for you.