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Change Log

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Change Log










Added a "View All Employees" view for schedule to allow user to see all employees and the scheduled event for the week.




Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue preventing users from downloading documents with more than one period in the file name.

Fixed the state issue on the TelMe messaging page. The page should now load messages without users having to force a state change.




Bug Fixes


Duty info is now refreshed when opening an incident.

Fixed the ByFilter format issue. The page now loads the date format from tblSettings before parsing any dates.




Added the MyWorkWear banner to the EmployeeEquipment page.

tblGeoFence is now audited.

Added CheckWithoutRecalc to the Duty Checker to cater for the new AutoGenerate service requirements.

Background Autogenerate service

Changed the SaveDuties page to allow users to save and notify when confirming a duty.

Changed the Recurring Patrol tab to display time in the 24 hour format.

Altered the width of all qualification listboxes on qualification related pages.




Introduction of Easy Pay Bill

Standard date picker now used for the majority of date fields

Vetting updated to make it more robust (Phase 2)

Vetting Monitor

Introduction of Multi DB Vetting functionality

Added additional fields to Employee uniform sizes, Dress and Glove

Added note box on Administration: Security:User screen


Bug Fixes

Corrected issue with Send SMS button not being displayed in incident wizard when function is allowed

Corrected issues with Copy Contract functionality

Document upload process made more robust

Corrected issue where PB terms rate change not applied at midnight


TelMe Related changes

Recover password function corrected

Employee Uniform sizes now available.  User changeable

Create Incident duty screen





Enhanced error responses for the ban functionality in employee premises. Bans can no longer overlap.

Users now have the ability to toggle between active and inactive records in Vetting.

Fixed a validation problem on the reference types page.

When a user record is deleted, all references to the record are deleted also.

Vetting Monitor has been implemented.




Included within this release were the following changes / additional features.


Document file storage / linking for employee and location records allowing files in various formats to uploaded, stored and retrieved from within PeopleHours™. (An addition to the TelMe module)


MultiDB WorkMonitor fix to cater for a single database losing connection or otherwise failing. This fix will allow monitoring of all other live or active databases to continue uninterrupted in the event of system failure.


CallTaker synchronisation to resolve un-necessary outbound calls (full fix will require a new version of CallTaker to be applied also : to follow)


Notes tab added to Employee and Location data.(Restricted use, contact customer support to enable)


Notes tab in location data available in Incident wizard (Restricted use, contact customer support to enable)


Change to module selection screen to show disabled new options currently in development


Scheduled report files generated by the automatic report feature in TelMe are now appended with the date to prevent overwriting for local client storage.


On screen codes added to WorkMonitor to detail overdue action settings applied in Time Capture.


Updated messaging functions.


Dynamic column sizing applied to schedule view grid to optimise viewing experience on smaller screens, smart phones, tablets etc.


Push notification service (disabled) in readiness for additional TelMe features and Patrol Management services for PeoplePatrol™ & PeopleVet™.


This help manual is currently being updated to reflect changes to the latest software version