Changing an Assigned Employee

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Changing an Assigned Employee

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To change or remove the employee who has been assigned to an event, select the call / event for which the change is to occur.

Click on the Allocate button. The Choose Employee window will now be displayed.


Allocate Employee

Allocate Employee


Enter the PIN and click on the ‘Lookup PIN’ button or use the active search function to find the employee. Once the correct employee id highlighted, click on the ‘Next’ button.

The Save Diary Events window will now be displayed.


This window displays the details of the event and the new employee, if the details are incorrect click on the ‘Close’ button and start again.

On this window you can select the reason for changing the employee the pick list in the bottom left of the window.

You can also add a comment to the event if required to provide more information about why the employee has been changed.  Once you have completed all steps, click on the ‘Save’ button.  


The application will now validate the employee against the event and will display any conflicts that are identified.

If any of the entries displayed are in red they cannot be overridden. In this case you must click on the ‘Close’ button and resolve the issues identified and try again.

The entries displayed in amber are advisory messages only and can be overridden.



Allocate Employee Check Fail

Allocate Employee Check Fail


If you are satisfied that the warnings identified are acceptable, click on the ‘Save’ button and the event will be saved with the selected employee.

Any calls that may be due for the amended event, will display the details of the new employee the next time that the Work Monitor window in refreshed.  

If you are unable to accept one or more of the warning messages, click on the ‘Close’ button, resolve any issues where applicable and try again.