Changing Diary Events Times

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Changing Diary Events Times

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This function allows the user to apply individual changes to times for Diary Events in response to changing operational requirements.

If there is a permanent change to the requirements, the data should be changed in the Locations: Posts screen and the Recurring events updated.

The process can be carried out on both the By Location and By Employee views.

Open the Schedule application.

Select the Schedule Data tab.

Select the data view you wish to work in, By Location or By Employee.

Select the location or employee you wish to view.

Select the event or events that you wish to amend, by clicking on each to highlight them.


Set Duty Times

Set Duty Times

Save & Confirm

Save & Confirm


Click on the ‘Time’ button. The application will display the Set Times window. The times will default to the current times.

Amend the event times as required and click on the ‘Next’ button.

The application will now display the Save Diary Events window.

This window will list each of the events selected. You can at this time enter a comment against the events to record the reason for the change.

Click on the ‘Save’ button.


Check Failures

Check Failures


The application will now perform all of the required event checks.

If any event checks fail, these will be displayed in the window. Over-rideable checks are displayed in amber; non over-rideable checks are displayed in red.

If there are non-over-rideable checks displayed, the ‘Save’ button will be greyed out.  

If there are non-over-rideable checks found you will need to click on the ‘Close’ button and either resolve the conflict or select another employee.

Otherwise click on the ‘Save’ button and the modified events will be saved.