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In this window you enter details of the contracts that you have for work carried out on the location.

The application allows you to record multiple contracts for each location although contract service periods cannot run concurrently.

This does allow you to to input contractual changes in advance.

Select the Contracts Tab at top of the window, the Contracts window will be displayed.


Contract Details

Contract Details


When you first enter window the Contract field at the top of the window will be blank, this will be populated when you create the contracts for your new location.

Enter the details of your contract in the fields displayed.

The contract reference will be the contract number that you have issued to the customer and will be used for invoicing purposes.

Although this isn't required field if you wish to export data for billing or other third party applications this can be used as their external reference.

Select the billing PBCode for this contract from the pick list, if required.

The Contract Bill Group can be selected from the drop down list and is used as a group selector when running reports allowing multiple contracts / locations to be reported in a single report. Bill groups to be selected are defined in Adding Bill Groups

The Start Date of the contract should be entered. (Note that if the contract start date is in the future then the location will be inactive until the start date is reached)

The contract End Date can be entered if known at this time.

The ‘Weeks In Roster’ field is used to hold the number of weeks to be applied to the contract cycle.

This can be left blank as the number of weeks in the cycle can be determined directly in the AutoCreate function if required.

The Hours per Week field will hold the total weekly hours for the contract.

You can now select the Public Holiday calendar that is applicable to the contract, by default this will be the calendar set at branch level.

If the " Auto Generate Enabled" option is ticked the system will apply or make live any recurring duties automatically each week. without the need to manually run the AutoCreate Duties process .


Contract Invoicing Details

Contract Invoicing Details


You can complete data fields that allow you to record invoicing details including VAT (tax) Rate, Service Type, Service Description and Payment Terms.

Click on the ‘Save’ button to save your new contract. The contract drop down list on the left of the window will now display the new contract.

If you have more than one contract to set up at this time, select the ‘New’ button.

The new contract will be displayed in the Contract drop down field and new blank record is displayed. The existing contract will be closed.


(Note: The application will not allow you to have more than one contract active at the same time)