Creating a New Message to a Single Employee

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Creating a New Message to a Single Employee

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A new message to be delivered to an individual employee is created by selecting the employee’s data record from within the Employee Data view and accessing the TelMe tab.


Create Message to Single Employee

Create Message to Single Employee


The message is created by clicking NEW, entering a message title and the message details in the text box below.

The Yes/No tick box option can be set If you require a yes/no response from the message recipient when the message is viewed.

The expiry date can be set to prevent old messages being displayed to new employees or if messages would have no relevance after a certain date.

Clicking SAVE will create and place the message in the employee’s in-box ready to be viewed.

A record of sent messages is displayed and will update to include the date the message was viewed by the employee.

If the message required a Yes/No response from the employee the date and the response will be displayed here also.