Cross Branch Scheduling

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Cross Branch Scheduling

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The Cross Branch Scheduling function allows the user to allocate employees from one branch into events occurring in locations in another branch.  

NOTE: If you require this functionality it will need to be enabled at the database, contact the Support Desk who can do this for you.  


Once the function has been enabled you will need to create a Cross Branch Allocate role in the Administration application.

When assigning the role to users, you specify the branches from which employees can be used.

You will also need to ensure that you have set up the reason codes that you wish to use when Cross Allocating employees, this is done in the Administration application.


To allocate an employee from a different branch:

Open the Schedule application.

Select Schedule Data.

Select the location required.

Select the event/events affected.


Cross Branch Allocation

Cross Branch Allocation

Cross Branch Allocation Check Warning

Cross Branch Allocation Check Warning


Click on the ‘Allocate’ button. The Choose Employee window will open and display the employees for the location branch.

Click on the branch drop down arrow, the application will now display a list of branches that you are allowed to select employee from.

Select the branch required and the popup will display a list of employees for the selected branch.

Select the employee you wish to use and click on the ‘Next’ button. The Save Diary Events popup will be displayed.

Select the correct reason and enter a comment if required.

Click ‘Save’ and the application will perform its validation checks and redisplay the Save Diary Events screen with the message “[employee] if from the different branch [branchname]”

Click ‘Save’ again and the event will be stored.