CT-Out Automated Outbound Calls

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CT-Out Automated Outbound Calls

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The CT-Out module is an optional module for the CallTaker-IO application and an addition to PeopleHours™, this can be activated by contacting Customer Support


This function enables the CallTaker application to make automated outbound calls in the event of a scheduled call not being received.

If the Overdue Action settings in Time Capture are set to Outbound the system will look to the post CT out setting in Time Capture.

If Outbound is selected it will then look to the Outbound Telephone source selected. The two options are:-


Post Telephone – this will dial the telephone number as entered against the location Posts. This can be either a mobile or land line.

Employee Mobile – This will dial the telephone number as entered in the Employee Details mobile number field.

(Note although the field is named “Mobile” if a land line is entered then CT out would use that number.)


When the call is answered the usual "Please enter your SIN & PIN" message will be played and the employee can respond as usual.

If a valid SIN PIN combination is entered the scheduled call will be cleared from Work Monitor and the call is marked as received.

If a valid SIN PIN combination is not received, or the call is not answered, times out or is disconnected the schedule will enter the alarm state within Work Monitor.


CT-Out Settings

CT-Out Settings


Calls that connect will generate a cost as detailed within client contracts and terms.

There are various Reports available within PeopleHours™ to monitor all outbound calls made and the result of each call.


The CallTaker-IO application indicates which calls have been received as a result of CT-Out calls being made by displaying a green tick in the "Out" column.


CT-Out Calls in WorkMonitor

CT-Out Calls in WorkMonitor