Delete Diary Event

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Delete Diary Event

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This function is used to ‘delete’ an event that is no longer required.

The event remains visible within the application and is subject to the approval process.

Open the Schedule application.

Select the Schedule Data tab.

Select the data view you wish to work in, By Location or By Employee.

Select the location or employee you wish to view.

Select the event or events for which you wish to delete.


Delate Event

Delate Event


Click on the ‘Delete’ button.  The Save Diary Event window will be displayed.

The events selected will be displayed ‘crossed out’.

Enter the reason for deleting the event/s in the comments field and click on the ‘Save’ button.

The selected events will be deleted.  

Deleted events will continue to be displayed but with a line drawn through the text, i.e. ‘crossed out’.