Deleting Reason Combinations

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Deleting Reason Combinations

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Open the Administration application.

Select the Static Data tab on the left of the window.

Select the Reasons tab displayed at the top of the window.  

Select the Source by clicking on the entry in the Sources list

Select the Action by clicking on the entry in the Actions list.

The application will now display all of the reasons attached to the selected Source/Action combination in the list in the center of the main window.

Select a reason from the list in the middle of the window.

Click on the Delete button at the top of left of the window.

Repeat for all reasons displayed.

If the reason selected has been used for any event matching the Source/Action selected, you will be unable to delete it and the application will display the following error message:

‘That Reason cannot be deleted because it has already been used’

In this case click on the Enable box to remove the tick, this will make the reason inactive.