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The Documents tab within Schedule : Employee Data and Location data contains functions that allow files (documents) to be uploaded to PeopleHours which are then linked to the employee or the location and can be viewed thereafter whenever the user is logged into PeopleHours.


The instructions for Locations and Employees are identical except where they relate to Special Documents.


PH Document Location



Files uploaded are displayed in a grid on screen with the following descriptive headings:



The friendly user name specified when uploading a new document.


The name of the file as uploaded.

Document Type

The type selection applied to the document.

Review Date

User selected date to indicate the next review.

Modified by

The PeopleHours user name that last made a change to the record.

Modified on

The date on which the last change was made.


Clickable link to download and open the saved document.

File History

Opens a window detailing all changes made, when and by which user.


Deletes the file.


Clickable link to allow upload of new file version, change the friendly Name or Review Date.


Note: Uploaded documents are not backed up as part of Gallinet's usual data back up processes.

Clients should therefore not use this feature as their primary or only document storage solution.