Employee Create (CT Create)

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Employee Create (CT Create)

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The Employee Create option allows staff to book on duty or record their attendance at an assignment without the need for pre-scheduled duties to have been entered in advance.


Employee Create

Employee Create


In the event of the system receiving a call where duties have not been loaded in advance the recorded telephone greeting will offer the following additional options.


Press 1 to Book on Duty

[Thereby creating a duty where none existed.]


Press 2 to make a check call

[Duties created by CT Create will conform to the check call schedule set for that post.

So, if hourly on the hour calls are set as default and a duty is created at 1040 hours the system will still expect a check call to be made at 1100 hours.]


Press 3 to book off duty

[Duties created by CT Create will be assumed to last the default lengths as set in the post details.

If no book off call is received the system will continue to generate check calls until such time as the duty is ended. [It is important therefore that staff book off duty correctly]


Note: Enabling this option on multiple posts is not recommended
Employee Create will only ever place a created duty into one post and the employee cannot select which one.