Employee Message Settings

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Employee Message Settings

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To use the messaging functions within PeopleHours™ employee records will need to contain relevant contact details for mobile numbers in for SMS messaging and addresses for emails.

These details are recorded within Schedule : Employee Details tab.


The fields that need to be populated are as follows:



Should contain the employees mobile telephone number.


Should contain the users Email address.


(Users located outside of the UK should contact customer support to allow international SMS usage)


Each field allows a preference to be set.

New users are set with their mobile preference set to "No" and Email set to "Preferred."

These default settings can be changed by clicking the down arrow and selecting an alternative value.


The settings behaviour is as follows:



The system will not send messages to the recipient.


The system will allow messages to be sent to the recipient.


The system will use this when the "Use Preferred" option is selected when sending messages.




Employee Message Settings

Employee Message Settings