- A -

Activate or deactivate Outsourced Control

Active Only Option

Active Search using Employee and Location Lists

Add Escalation / Details Information

Add New Employees

Adding a Report to a Role

Adding a Role

Adding a WorkMonitor View

Adding Bill Groups

Adding Branches

Adding CallTaker Messages

Adding Counties

Adding Customers

Adding Document Types

IconAdding Document Types
IconAdding Document Types PV

Adding Equipment Types

Adding Event Types

Adding HR List Questions

Adding Incident Types

Adding Jobs to Events

Adding New Terms

Adding Notifiees

Adding Pay Groups

Adding PBCodes

Adding PBRules

Adding Public Holidays Dates

Adding Public Holidays Schedules

Adding Qualifications

Adding Reference Types PV

Adding Terms Record

Adding Users

Additional Details

Administration Data Setup & Maintenance

IconAdministration Data Setup & Maintenance
IconAdministration Data Setup & Maintenance PV

Administration options

Allocating Employees to Unallocated Diary Events – By Location

Allowed File Formats

Amending Bill Groups

Amending Employee Data

Amending Equipment Types

Amending Event Types

Amending Existing Location

Amending Pay Groups

Amending Recurring Events

Ammending Notifiees

Annual check

Application Security Functions

Approving Events

Approving Using By Filter View

Approving Using By Location / By Employee View

Auto Generate Duties

Auto Take Book Ons & Book Offs

AutoCreate Duties

- B -

Bank Account

Bank Details

Branch activation

Branch Contacts

Branch Logo

Broadcast – Checking Employee Responses

Broadcast Available Single Duty

Broadcast Duties

Browser Pop Up Blockers

By Employee View

By Employee: Date Navigation

By Filter View

By Location View

By Week Across View

By Week Down View

- C -


Change Event or Duty Times

Change/Delete Escalation / Details Information

Changing a user password

Changing an Assigned Employee

Changing Diary Events Times

Changing Employee Allocated to Diary Event(s)

Changing Patrol Types

Changing Time of a Job within an Event

Changing Times for an Event with Jobs

Concurrent User Logons


Create Multiple Recurring Patrols

Create Single Recurring Patrols

Creating a Diary Event

Creating a New Message for all employees in a Branch

Creating a New Message to a Single Employee

Creating a New Message to a Single Location

Creating a Single Ad-Hoc Patrol

Creating Diary Events - By Employee

Creating Diary Events with Employees – By Location

Creating Diary Events without Employees - By Location

Creating Employee Events e.g. Holiday/Sickness

Creating Events for use with Jobs

Creating Incidents in WorkMonitor

Creating Multiple Ad-Hoc Patrols

Creating Patrol Types

Creating Reason Combinations

Creating Reason Descriptions

Creating Recurring Events – No Existing Events

Creating Recurring Events By Location Existing Events

Cross Branch Scheduling

CT Messages CallTaker Messages

CT-Out Automated Outbound Calls

Current Known Issues - Bug Reports

Customer Support


- D -

Delete Diary Event

Delete Event

Deleting / Disabling Event Types

Deleting a Document

Deleting a WorkMonitor View

Deleting an Event with Jobs

Deleting Bill Groups

Deleting Branches

Deleting CallTaker Messages

Deleting Counties

Deleting Customers

Deleting Document Types

IconDeleting Document Types
IconDeleting Document Types PV

Deleting Employees and Related Data

Deleting Equipment Types

Deleting Existing Location

Deleting HR List Questions

Deleting Incident Types

Deleting Jobs from an Event

Deleting Modifying Jobs from the parent Location

Deleting Patrol Types

Deleting Pay Groups

Deleting PBCodes

Deleting PBRules

Deleting Public Holiday Dates

Deleting Qualifications

Deleting Reason Combinations

Deleting Reason Descriptions

Deleting Reference Types PV

Deleting Terms

Deleting Terms Record

Deleting Users

Diary Events

Document Reports

Document Standards


Downloading a Document

Drop Down Lists

- E -

Easy PayBill

Email Settings

Employee Access – Name & PIN

Employee Access – User Passwords

Employee Create (CT Create)

Employee Data

Employee Data (Patrol)

Employee Details

Employee Holidays

Employee HR

Employee Locations

Employee Message Functions

Employee Message Settings

Employee Qualifications

Employee Service

Employee Sickness

Employee Terms

Employee Using CT Message


IconEmployee Equipment
IconAdditional Data


Event Types

- F -


- G -

General Conditions of Contract, all Services.


- I -

Inactivity Timeout

Incident Messaging

Incident Reminders


IconStatic Data: Incidents

Incidents for a Location

Incidents for a Location and an Employee

Incidents for Calls displayed in WorkMonitor

Incidents NOT Attached to a Location or an Employee


- L -


List Suitable Employee

List Suitable Employee & Cross Branch Scheduling

Location Data

IconLocation Data
IconLocation Data (Patrol)

Logging On

Logon message

- M -

Maintaining Branches

Maintaining Counties

Maintaining PBRules

Maintaining Qualifications

Maintaining Reason Combinations

Maintaining Reason Descriptions

Maintaining Users

Making a user Inactive or active

Mandatory Fields

Message Controls

Messaging Functions

Mobile Work Monitor

Modifying a Document

Modifying a WorkMonitor View

Modifying CallTaker Messages

Modifying Customers

Modifying Document Types

IconModifying Document Types
IconModifying Document Types PV

Modifying Incident Types

Modifying PBCodes

Modifying Public Holiday Dates

Modifying Reference Types PV

Modifying the Current Terms Record

Moving Diary Events

Multi-Take Check Calls

- N -

Navigating between Applications

IconNavigating between Applications
IconNavigating between Applications
IconNavigating between Applications

New Location Details



IconAdding Notifiees
IconAmmending Notifiees


- O -

Organisation: Branches

Organisation: Notifiees

Organisation: Outsource Control

Organisation: WorkMonitor Views

- P -

Password Configuration

Patrol Learn Mode

Patrol Types

Pay & Bill PB Codes

Pay and Bill: PBCodes

Pay and Bill: PBRules

Pay and Bill: Public Holidays

Pay and Bill: Terms

PBCode/Rule Example – Billing

PBCode/Rule Example - Pay

PBCode/Rule Example - Public Holiday Pay Uplift

PeopleHours User Manual

PeoplePatrol User Manual

PeopleVet User Manual

PeopleVet: Document Types

IconPeopleVet: Document Types PV
IconPatrol Contracts

PeopleVet: Reference Types PV

IconPeopleVet: Reference Types PV
IconPatrol Escalation


Public Holidays Display in Schedule

- Q -


IconStatic Data: Qualifications

- R -



Recurring Events

Refreshing Call Data


IconEmployee Equipment
IconAdditional Data

Removing a Report from a Role


Reports and Scheduling

Reports Application and Recalculation

- S -

Save and New

Schedule Data

Schedule Data: By Location - Date Navigation

Schedule Data: By Location – Selecting Cells

Schedule Locking in Branches

Schedule Main Window

Schedule Patrols Main Window

Schedule Reports

Scheduled Reports

Searching for an Employee

Security User Roles

Security: Reports

Security: Roles

Security: Users

Send a Message from Employee Details

Send a Message from WorkMonitor

Sending CallTaker Messages

Setting Up a New Location

SIA Qualifications


Sort Code

Special Documents

Static Data: Bill Groups

Static Data: Counties

Static Data: Document Types

Static Data: Equipment Types

Static Data: Pay Groups

IconStatic Data: Pay Groups
IconStatic Data: HR Lists

- T -

Tag Manager

Tag Monitor

TelMe Administrators User Manual

Text Standards

Time Capture

- U -

UK Address Post Codes

Unallocate (Remove) Employee from Diary Event/s


Uploading a Document

Usage License Control

Usage Reports

Using List Suitable Employee

Using the Confirm Function

IconUsing the Confirm Function
IconUsing the Confirm Function

Using the Finish Event Function

Using the Recalculation window

Using the Reports Application


- V -

Vetting Details

View Event Information by Employee

View Event Information by Location

View File History

Viewing Active Incidents in WorkMonitor

Viewing and Deleting Sent Messages

Viewing Diary Event Information

Viewing Jobs by Event

Viewing Jobs by Location

- W -

Web Links

Work Monitor