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The PeopleHours™ application consists of a number of application components.



The primary application which contains all employee and location data and the duty schedules for both.

Work Monitor

The real-time application that monitors the time and attendance of all staff as well as any check calls, incidents or 3rd party device messages and alarms.

CallTakerIO Monitor

The real-time application that details all calls received from employees including any calls that were rejected or invalid.


The application component which controls most of the higher configuration controls for PeopleHours™.


The reporting module for PeopleHours™.


Instructions for these applications are the subject of separate help pages / manuals.


A VoIP based communications application that allows employees to record their time and attendance, make scheduled welfare calls or leave operational messages.

Mobile Work Monitor

A cut down version of the WorkMonitor application for use on mobile devices


Messaging options and employee portal.


Employee vetting and screening module


In Development ~ Mobile and static patrol recording using Android device and RFID tags.