Location Data

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Location Data

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This option is accessed by selecting the Location Data tab on the left of the window and is used to create and maintain the data required by the application for your customer location.

When you select the Location Data tab, the application will display a list of existing locations for the selected branch on the left of the window.

If you have not selected a location from the location list on the left of the window, the fields displayed will be blank.


Location Data

Location Data


If you have selected a location from the list on the left of the window, the data for that location will be displayed.

At the top of the window you will see several tabs:

 Details                used to set up location address details

Escalationsused to record operational information relating to the location for use within the Control Room environment

 Contracts                used to set up contracts for the location

Posts                        used to set up the individual posts required

Qualificationsused to define the qualifications required on the location and/or post
Time Captureused to set up the method of capture, the calls types and call windows required for each event.
Notificationsused to select the notifiees who will receive email/SMS messages in the event of an employee missing a scheduled call.
Additional DataUsed to record keys and other equipment against the location.
TelMeUsed to access the TelMe functions. (TelMe help for the app is provided in a separate manual: http://www.gallinet.com/help.htm)
Private TabUsed for testing purposes and not normally accessible to users.