Logging On to PeopleHours™

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Logging On to PeopleHours™

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Open your browser.

Type in the URL provided to you:

The PeopleHours™ logon window will be displayed.


Log on menu

Log on menu


Click on the Company field and type in the name of your company database.

Click on the Username field and type in your user name as supplied to you.

Click on the Password field and enter the password as supplied to you. The password is case sensitive.

Click on the Logon button.

If you wish your PC to remember your Company database and User name tick in the box to the right of Remember Company and Username.

If you have entered your username and password correctly the window will display the following screen.

You may now select the initial application that you wish to use from the drop down menu options.

If your log on is going to exceed the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed you may be presented with the Usage License Control screen.