Manually Taking a Call

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Manually Taking a Call

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This option allows the control room staff to take calls that the employees are unable to make using the automatic system.

When an employee contacts control room to make a call, the operator can record the call using the following steps:


1.Select the call from the list displayed and highlight it by clicking on it with the mouse.

2.Click on the Take Call icon.

3.The application will display the Take Call window giving details of the event.


Take Call

Take Call


This window allows you to select a reason for the late call - Reasons are set up in the Administration application of the application – and record a comment if necessary.

This information will be stored against the call and can be used for reporting purposes.


Once you have selected the applicable reason and enter a comment if required, click the ‘Take Call’ button.

The call will be processed and will be removed from the window the next time that the data is refreshed. At the same time the application will generate the next call for the event affected.

If, once the Take Call window is displayed, you determine that you have selected the wrong call, click on the Close button.

This will return you to the Work Monitor window allowing you to select the correct call.