Messaging Functions

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Messaging Functions

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PeopleHours™ contains many functions designed to allow users to communicate messages, rosters, incidents and duty schedules to all employees within your company.


The messaging functions within PeopleHours™ fall into two separate classes:


Schedule Messaging


Schedule messaging is available to all users that have been assigned a role allowing access to the required functions.

The option to send messages using either email or SMS are located on various screens within PeopleHours™


NOTE: - The use of message functions within PeopleHours™ may result in additional charges depending on your license agreement.

Users are advised to check for themselves the consequences of use before proceeding.



TelMe Employee Message Functions


The TelMe service is an additional module available for PeopleHours™ and its functions and user manual are available from our support page.


Features include:


The service provides the following features for Employees


Dedicated apps available on the Google and Apple app stores

Employee portal for all devices, smart phones, laptops etc.

Employees can book on, off and make check calls with locations tracked

Employees can submit incident reports with attached photos

Allowing employees to view the following information

Past, current and future scheduled duties and events

Pay rates for duties optionally detailed if admin allows

Holiday entitlement remaining, taken.

Messages sent by managers and yes/no response

View assignment instructions

List of qualifications held

List of equipment and uniform issued

Company web links

Simple log on using name & PIN or secure using complex user defined passwords.

WorkMonitor for supervisors


The service provides the following features for management


Restrict book on, off or check calls by location. (Geo-Fencing)

Upload and store documents against location and employee records.

Send rosters to Individual employees, groups or entire workforce.

Access to features can be disabled on an employee by employee basis if required

Show / hide pay rates option

Automated scheduled e-mail report delivery for all PeopleHours™ reports.

Broadcast messages to Individual, group or all employees and request yes/no reponses

Management reports to track usage / messages sent