Organisation: Outsource Control

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Organisation: Outsource Control

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This option allows you to activate or deactivate Gallinet's outsourced control room service on a branch by branch basis.


Note the following important information before making changes to this setting:


You may hand over control room monitoring from your own control room, to Gallinet by using this screen and by following these instructions.

Ensure that all escalation procedures are clear, avoid abbreviations and can be followed without soft knowledge.

Contact Gallinet on 01384 237 333 to advise us that you intend to switch control to Gallinet.

Ensure that there are no duties in work monitor that are red.

Try and resolve as many open incidents as possible.

Redirect your phone numbers to the Gallinet number assigned to your company. If your Guards are dialing Gallinet direct using your dedicated phone number then they need to know when they should be dialing up Gallinet instead of your normal control room.

Give Gallinet a quick call that you are about to 'press the button'.

Use this screen to start outsourced control for each branch you need Gallinet to monitor.

Contact Gallinet to check if the phones are correctly redirected and that our controllers can monitor and adjust posts in the branches you handed over to us.


Note also that if a currently monitored branch is deactivated Gallinet's Controllers will be unable to see any employee or location data within the branch, nor will they be able to provide any monitoring services.


It is recommenced that you contact Gallinet before making changes to ensure that you fully understand the consequences to existing services and costs that may result also: