Pay and Bill: PBRules

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Pay and Bill: PBRules

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PB Rules are used by the PeopleHours™ application, in conjunction with PBCodes, to apply the rates to be used when calculating invoice charges and employees pay.

PBRules are date specific, this allows date related changes to be input in advance.

An individual PBRule can only be used to calculate pay or calculate billing; it cannot be used for both functions.

NBIf you add a PBRule and do not attach it to a PBCode, it will not produce any pay or bill output.

Examples of simple rules setup are included in the appendices of this manual. Further consultation may be required depending on the complexity of your rules to ensure that the PBCodes and PBRules are set correctly.

As PBRules change, the application builds up a History table enabling you to see what changes have been made and when.