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Open the Schedule Application.

Select Location Data from the left of the window.

Select the Posts tab at the top of the window.

On loading the Posts window you will see details of the first contract in the drop down field at the top of the window.

If this is not the contract to which you wish to allocate the post to, select the correct contract from the list by clicking on the drop down arrow and selecting the correct contract from the list displayed.

The Post selection field will be blank; the application will populate this as you create your posts.





Now enter the details of the post in the fields displayed.

The Short Name field holds the description that will be displayed in the scheduling windows and the Work Monitor application main window.

The Name field description is used in the Work Monitor application when displaying details of an event.

The start and end times of the post event can be entered using the following formats, 0700 or 07:00 for 07:00. The application will automatically calculate the hours.

The Post PBCode field should be populated if the post attracts additional payment or billing; if it is required select the correct PBCode from the drop down list.

(Note: If the post you are creating is to be used as a job, click on the ‘Used for Jobs’ filed to tick the box otherwise leave it blank.)


Next indicate whether site training is required for employees assigned to the selected post by clicking on the box next to the 'Training Required' label.

Different posts can have site training requirements set as required or not.

If a tick is displayed, training is required and will be taken onto account when allocating an officer to the post with check failure warnings being displayed if an untrained employee is assigned.

Employee training is set in Employee Locations for individual employees.


Next enter the telephone numbers that are specific to the post, you can enter up to three. You must enter the Post Telephone numbers without using spaces.

If spaces are used in the numbers this may cause the application to reject a call when a correct telephone number is used.


If the CLI option has been included in your installation, these telephone numbers can be used in the WorkMonitor application to validate the incoming call and the CLI behavior options will be displayed.

If you do want the CallTaker application to validate the telephone number when the employee makes a call click on the ‘Accept’ button.

If you want the CallTaker application to accept the call but flag the fact that the call was made from the wrong telephone number, click on the ‘Accept but Flag’ button.

If you want the CallTaker application to reject any calls that are not made from the specified number, click on the ‘Reject’ button.


You can further define Geo-Fencing controls that will restrict calls made via the TelMe app using the options listed under "Smartphone App Geo-Fencing"

Enabled - the option can be ticked on or off.

Postcode - enter a UK postcode and the application will convert this for you into a Lat-Long global position. You can click the map button to visually confirm the location selected.

Radius (Meters) - Define the area around the selected location in which calls will be accepted.

Latitude and Longitude - You can enter these details manually if you wish or if there is no UK post code reference available.

Reject or Accept but Flag - If you want the CallTaker application to accept the call but flag the fact that the call was made from the wrong location, click on the ‘Accept but Flag’ button.

If you want the CallTaker application to accept all reject all calls that are not made from the specified location, click on the ‘Reject’ button.


Click on the ‘Save’ button to store your data.


If you need to create additional posts at this time, click on the ‘New’ button. The application will save the displayed record and create a copy of the post for you to amend as required.


Posts that contain any duties cannot be deleted. To prevent posts from being displayed within the Schedule Application the "enabled" option should be un-ticked.

Posts that are not enabled will not appear in schedule view or within the posts selection drop down box on this screen.

To view or reinstate posts that have been disabled the "enabled only" option next to the drop down box should not be selected, all disabled posts will now be shown and can be selected and their settings changed as needed.