Reports and Scheduling

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Reports and Scheduling

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The PeopleHours™ reporting system in combination with the TelMe service allows users to create automated delivery schedules and destinations for reports to be sent to defined e-mail addresses at predefined times.


To create a schedule the report selection criteria should be created in the usual manner with “schedule report” button being clicked instead of “Create Report”, this will open a pop-up window where you can specify the schedule options.


Schedule report settings

Schedule report settings


Task Name – This should be a user friendly name allowing you to identify the report later.

Report Owner - This is set to the user creating the scheduled job but can be changed using the modify option on existing scheduled report tasks.

Report name – This is the system name relating to the report being scheduled and cannot be changed by the user.

Report Format - The report output format can be selected to be either XLS, XLXS, CSV, PDF * RTF (Word)

Frequency – Specify how often you wish the report to be run from the following options, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Schedule Start Date – Specify the first date on which you wish the schedule to become active.

Time – Specify the time you wish the schedule to be run each period.

Recipients – Detail the e-mail address(s) you wish the report to be sent to. Note that multiple addresses must be separated with a semi-colon (;)


You can view a list of all scheduled reports by selecting the “Scheduled Reports” option on the left hand side of the reports menu.


All schedules are presented in a list format detailing the task name, report name, the user that created the schedule and the date and time it was created, as well as the next and last run dates.


Any individual report can be permanently deleted by clicking on the line containing the report detail and clicking the “Delete” button at the end of its entry.

Existing reports can be changed by clicking the "modify" button at the end of its entry.


Users with the appropriate security roles can access the Scheduled Reports Admin Screen and this will detail all reports created by all users.

These reports can be deleted or modified as described above.


Scheduled reports list

Scheduled reports list