Searching for an Employee

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Searching for an Employee

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An active search function has been applied to the Employee and Location lists wherever these are displayed within the PeopleHours™ application.

To use this function:

Click on an entry in the list.

Start typing the name of the employee or location that you are looking for.

As you enter the letters, the cursor will move to the first record that matches your input and display the record in the main window were appropriate.

In addition a dedicated Search function can be accessed from the SEARCH button at the top of the details screen.


Employee Search

Employee Search


When clicked a dialogue box will open presenting the following options:


Branch        You can search all branches or a specific branch

Active Only        You can search only active employees (default) or by un-ticking the option search all employees within the database.


To perform a search enter in a phrase and click the search button. The text you have entered is checked against Employee short name, first name, last name, address and town.

The results are ranked according to relevance.


A dedicated UK Post Code search can also be preformed by entering the Post Code and clicking the "Search By Post Code" button.


Employee Search

Employee Search