Security: Logon Message

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Security: Logon Message

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This option is used to apply a custom message that will be presented to a user if their log on request is going to exceed your software license and therefore incur additional costs.

Also see : Concurrent User Logons


If the user, on seeing this message, doesn't proceed with the log on request no additional costs will be incurred.

Users should log out using the "log out" option in the drop down menu rather than simply closing browsers.

If the log out is not performed correctly the users session will remain active for up to 20 minutes and will count towards concurrent user totals.


Logon warning message

Logon warning message


By default the following text is presented

"Your current license allows for a set number of concurrent users, if you continue to log on you will exceed that number and additional charges will be incurred as a result. You should be aware of your employer’s policy regarding this matter before continuing."