Tag Monitor

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Tag Monitor

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This option is accessed by selecting Tag Monitor from the Select Module Drop down box on the left of the window.

Tag Monitor displays a real time list of all tag reading activity.


Tag Monitor

Tag Monitor


At the top of the Tag Monitor screen the following controls are available:


Filter By

Allows the display to be set to display all, only allocated tags or only unallocated tags.

Sort By

Changes the display order of the displayed list. Options are:

Time descending

Time ascending

Location ascending

Location descending

Employee ascending

Employee descending


Stop Refresh

Causes the screen to stop refreshing. New tag reads will not be displayed until the refresh is restarted.

Before Date Time

Causes the display to only display entries that have occurred before the date and time set by the user

Row Limit

By default 500 results will be displayed. This can be changed by entering a new value. Very high values can cause a delay on results being returned.


Sort Order

Sort Order

Tag Geo-Location

Tag Geo-Location


Tag Monitor Displays detail in several columns:


Read At

The date and time the tag was read by the users device


The location record the tag is assigned to


The employee record the tag is assigned to

Tag Name

The assigned name of the tag

Read By

The user that read the tag

GEO Location

The recorded Lat-Long location provided by the device when the tag was read. If no location data was sent this will be noted.

The Lat-Long location can be clicked to open a new window displaying the location of the read on a map.


Any system error messages will be displayed.