Using the Recalculation window

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Using the Recalculation window

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Open the Administration application.

Select the Pay and Bill tab on the left of the screen.

Select the Recalculation tab displayed at the top of the window.  

The screen image below show what will be displayed if there are no events currently being recalculated.


Recalculation Window

Recalculation Window


If the recalculation process is in progress, the number of events waiting to be recalculated will be displayed.  

The number of events displayed is not updated dynamically.To check progress, click on the ‘Refresh’ button and the number of events that require recalculation will be updated.

The manual recalculation fields at the bottom of the screen should only be used under the direction of Customer Support.

This function will force the pay and bill values for ALL events to be recalculated for the period and branch selected.

If changes are made that will effect a significant number of events the performance of the application may be adversely effected during the recalculation process.