Vetting Details

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Vetting Details

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Open the application and select Vetting Data from the left hand menu

Selecting an employee name from the list on the left of the screen will display the employees vetting data details in the main window.

Additional details are located in sectional tabs across the top of the screen.


PV Vetting Details

PV Vetting Details


The main vetting details screen is made of various elements each controlling or detailing different parts of the vetting and screening process.


Vetting Data

Vetting Period

Defines the start and end date of the historical period the employee is to be vetted for as well as the target completion date by which the vetting process should be completed and the maximum gap allowed in between references.

SIA Licence Details

The employees SIA license details as recorded in qualifications.

Milestone Signing

Allows individual users to sign off either part or the whole vetting process.




Reference Types