Viewing Your Work Schedule

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Viewing Your Work Schedule

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Clicking the Schedule button will open your schedule view.

The initial view will detail your current duty schedule with each individual duty being listed detailing the following, top down.

Day, date and duty start and end time in 24hr format: The name of the duty location and its SIN number: The post or position name: The location address: Postcode.

Duties that are grayed out have occurred in the past.

The Previous Month and Next Month buttons when clicked will display your schedule either back or forward in time.

If enabled by your employer clicking the With Rates button will add pay detail to the bottom of each duty entry.

A summary of your months roster is included at the top and bottom of the page detailing the total number of work duties and the total number of work hours.


Duty schedule view

Duty schedule view


Note: Clicking the postcode will open your phones default mapping application allowing you to plan a route to work and your journey time.