Gallinet, Managing Employees Pay and Billing with Peoplehours.

Fast & accurate reporting or direct data transfers from PeopleHours to Sage and other 3rd party payroll and billing applications.

Eliminate paper timesheets and the numerous payroll and billing queries they can generate.


pound sign iconPeopleHours can automate your employee's pay and provide reports that can simplify customer billing.

Managing your staff is no simple matter, relying on your employees or line managers to report time and attendance can result in inaccurate reporting. PeopleHours - the fully Internet-based time and employee management system - will help you manage your staff at any time and from anywhere in the world with complete accuracy.

Peoplehours can use the information that has been captured with either CallTaker or other third party devices and is stored to produce automated employee pay and customer billing. Obviously pay, overtime, sickness, training and holidays can get complicated and we set up the common requirements that most companies need. Peoplehours does boast a comprehensive and flexible suite of pay/bill rules that can cope with most requirements such as those resulting from TUPE transfers or complex legislation and overtime rules such as those existing in Southern Ireland.

PeopleHours can easily integrate with your own 3rd party payroll and billing software applications such as Sage and a great many others.  

Peoplehours boasts a comprehensive and flexible suite of pay/bill rules that can cope with the most complex requirements.