Gallinet Company News

Gallinet Company News

Much of what we do goes on behind the scenes, now and again however we do have something to report, and we do so here. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments however, we really do appreciate the feedback.

Most of our best ideas have come from you!

Gallinet's TelMe app has been updated to allow officers on duty to file incident reports with attached photos. Employees designated as a Supervisor can now book on site staff as they arrive for duty. The ability to record their check calls and off duty calls are also included.News

Gallinet's TelMe app has been updated to prevent the use of mock location apps on the employees smartphone or device. This provides employers, and their clients, with confidence that the officer is where he/she is supposed to be at all time. Geo-fencing boundaries can also be defined to provide further controls.News

Gallinet's TelMe app is now available for IOS devices allowing staff to view their past and future work schedules, holiday entitlement, rates of pay per duty. Additional features will be continually added also.News

Gallinet's PeopleHours application has now added a vetting and screening module allowing companies to streamline their HR processes.News

Gallinet's own quality manager possesses a unique understanding of the Security industry and how Gallinet’s systems or services can be best utilised to achieve your accreditation goals.News

PeopleHours TelMe service has been updated to now include the ability for employees to book on and off duty and make their check or welfare calls via the smartphone app.News

PeopleHours TelMe service has been updated to now include the ability to upload documents and files linked to both employees and locations. This allows records such as Assignment Instructions, Risk Assessments, Application Forms, HR Letters etc. to be stored within PeopleHours for easy on the road access if required.


on Google Play store.

Users of the TelMe service within PeopleHours now have the option of accessing all of it's features (and many more planned) in an Android app format available from the Google Play store.


all tickedUsers of the TelMe service within PeopleHours now have additional reporting features to add to their productivity tools. The reporting functions now also allow for any reports to be scheduled to run and be delivered to defined e-mail addresses automatically.


all ticked

PeopleHours Upgrade ~ Cross Browser Compatibility ~ Testing Complete, Full Roll-Out Complete

The PeopleHours upgrade, to PeopleHours Suite, has entered another phase with all monitored and un-monitored clients now using the latest version of the software. This new version allows PeopleHours to be used on the most common browsers and a variety of Android and Apple tablets and smart phones.

Development continues of course, new features and whole new applications are planned with releases throughout the year.


NSI News
sys upgrade

Planned System Upgrade Complete & TelMe Service Expanded

The TelMe service portal has been upgraded to include more messaging features. Designed to communicate messages, rosters, and duty schedules to all employees within your company easily, accurately and by the fastest means possible.

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ct-out news

Outbound Call Capability Added to CallTaker Application

Clients using our CallTaker application to receive and process calls from employees on site are already aware of it's benefits, requiring no land lines and able to receive literally thousands of calls this application does the job traditionally undertaken by many human controllers. CT-Out has now been added to it's list of abilities.

CT-Out allows clients to choose between employees calling IN to the system or having the system call OUT to them, or a combination of both.

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DR news

Four Flooded Clients Thankful for Disaster-Ready Service

Widespread flooding across the UK this past week caused disruption to many services and businesses's, not so for four of our clients. Each lost either total or partial use of their offices.

Although these clients don't make use of our Outsourced Control Room Service they had subscribed to our Disaster-Ready Service allowing them to abandon their own control room facilities and pass all operational monitoring and incident management to Gallinet's team of experiences security controllers.

With their own staff able to connect to all aspects of their business via PeopleHours from anywhere they simply worked from alternative locations and in many cases from home.

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news vetting

BS7858 Vetting & Screening Service

Gallinet has been providing an employment vetting and screening service to BS7858 for some of it's clients for several years.

This valuable service is now available to new clients also allowing them to re deploy internal resources whilst confident that Gallinet's Vetting Controllers will ensure that screening standards are maintained whilst also working hard to complete the process both quickly and successfully allowing you to deploy your on-site staff with the minimum delay.

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news sia checks

Fully Automated SIA License Validation Service Launched

Gallinet has completed development allowing for a totally automated SIA license checking process from within it's PeopleHours application. This subscription service will compare SIA license records within your workforce directly against the records held in the SIA's own central database.

The process is fully automated and provides your company with a weekly e-mailed report detailing the results and specifically identifying any employees whose licenses have been revoked, don't match the SIA records or are due to expire in the next 3 months.

Additionally users can run on-demand reports company wide or on specific employees.

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As so many of our good ideas are actually yours we try to report on what we have done and what we are planning to do. You can see if your suggestions are included in our plans, if they are not and you think you have an idea that would benefit the application or service please do tell us about it :


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- HSE fines security company for failings resulting in the death of en employee. More...

- SIA future of regulation fact sheet outlining proposals for the future regulation of the private security industry. More...

- Precis Holdings fined after security officer dies of carbon monoxide poisoning. More...

- Security officer dies of carbon monoxide poisoning in vacant property in Kent. More...


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- HTML5 compliant version of PeopleHours released as a free upgrade to existing clients.

- As part of both our regular NSI and Microsoft inspection processes' we conduct client satisfaction surveys, the results are published of course. More..

- Gallinet and it's application PeopleHours has been awarded Microsoft Gold Partner Status, no small thing for a company of our size and relatively young age.