PeopleHours On-Line Scheduling and Live Employee Monitoring

With a rich feature list and optimised for the Security & Cleaning industries, PeopleHours is the ideal application for companies seeking to upgrade their old systems and new businesses's alike.

Employee scheduling, skills matching, real-time attendance management, automated notifications, payroll, billing, employee portal for rosters, reporting and many more features and options.

NOW Available also as a monthly rental deployment.

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PeopleHours is a true web based application

Unlike many systems available PeopleHours is a truly web based & fully hosted & managed solution providing enterprise class employee workplace management to any sized organisation, from start-up to the largest national companies.

Amongst the many benefits of PeopleHours:

  • No hardware requirements
  • Management access anywhere over the internet
  • Simple yet powerful scheduling features can create complex recurring shifts
  • Fully compliant with many specific industry requirements
  • Alerts in real-time for staff lateness or absence
  • Staff location tracking
  • Business Continuity ensuring UpTime, all the time.
  • Real time interfacing with external agencies such as the SIA.
  • Inbuilt VoIP technology removing all land line requirements
  • Attendance & management reports
  • Employee portal & company messaging
  • Regional or global organised views
  • Access restrictions for site or regional managers
  • All your internal departments connected
  • Data export to payroll & billing systems
  • Smart phone & tablet specific screens





CallTaker fully automated booking On, Off, Time & Attendance & Employee Welfare Call system


Some rostering and scheduling systems still rely on numerous and troublesome land lines to allow staff to call in to book on or off duty or make vital regular welfare or check calls.
PeopleHours moved on from this technology long ago, using our VoIP system named CallTaker the system can receive or make thousands of calls with no on-site hardware requirements:

  • Very high call volume capabilities
  • Completely scaleable for any sized workforce
  • Managed, Un-Managed or even fully Un-Manned control room options with total automation & notifications via SMS or e-mail
  • CLI checking to confirm employee location or interface with 3rd party proof of presence devices.
  • Ensure contract compliance and eliminate employee payroll queries
  • No more paper based time sheets
  • Able to make automated Outbound calls to your staff
  • Messaging features allowing on-site staff to request uniform, holiday's etc




The latest technology

Developed using Microsoft ASP.NET and other advanced web architecture technologies, peoplehours is a future proof application delivering:


  • improved performance and scalability
  • enhanced reliability
  • ease of deployment and low total cost of ownership
  • Peoplehours communicates easily with a range of mobile devices including WAP-enabled mobile phones, PDA’s and GPRS enabled laptops and smart phones

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Updates to TelMe now include incident reporting & Supervisor Mode


Gallinet's TelMe app has been updated to allow officers on duty to file incident reports. Employees designated as a Supervisor can now book on site staff as they arrive for duty. The ability to record their check calls and off duty calls are also included.


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Internationally we are represented by

 Digital Security Concepts, Inc



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Gallinet, PeopleHours & Moco - Real-Time Patrol Management

Gallinet has partnered with Mobilize Touch to bring you peace of mind and proof positive that your sites are manned through the combining of their rugged & real time patrol management system and PeopleHours.

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