Gallinet, PeopleHours, "TRULY" Web Based Solution

A brief word on what we mean by "web solution" or perhaps more importantly what some other systems mean when they make claims regarding the connectivity options for their solutions.

http iconGallinet's PeopleHours is a web application.

A web application means that our clients can connect to all and every part of the application via a web browser without the need for any other third party applications running locally. Being a fully hosted and managed solution clients benefit from:

  • No hardware requirement other than the PC's that you already own.
  • No specialist technical knowledge required, Gallinet's support staff manage and maintain all on your behalf.
  • Maximum up time - Gallinet operate full duplication across all systems and servers
  • No land line telephone requirements releasing clients from perhaps one of the most problematical issues they face, British Telecom!
  • Data Security - clients data sits behind SSL encryption and firewall's
  • Data Back Up - Daily, weekly and monthly back up routines are fully managed for you. Your data is located in over 3 separate geographical locations.
  • Multi level access options :-
    • Branch, Regional or Site Managers can access data for only the assignments they are responsible for.
    • Employee Portal allowing all your staff to access duty schedules, rosters and messages.
    • Client access can be provided for individual or groups of assignments on a read-only or full access basis.


Nothing is required to connect to PeopleHours, it's always there, all the time, from anywhere, on any PC.


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Some of our competitors systems make various claims regarding web access and internet connectivity, however access is actually obtained via other means, some of the connection methods they use are detailed below for your information, and perhaps consideration.

During system presentations why not ask the suppliers representative to show you their solution on your own lap-top?

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WebEx is offered by one system and described as "giving both your employees and clients the ability to have secure, password-protected Internet access to appropriate data." Unfortunately it's not quite as simple as that statement suggests. Access is often read-only and it's charged by usage, so giving access to all your clients and staff could work out very costly indeed.

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Remote Desktop, RDP, or Terminal Services

Three names for what is essentially the same technology. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft, which provides a user with a graphical interface to another computer, allowing you to use another computer located at a separate location within your own local screen. Microsoft currently refers to their official RDP server software as Remote Desktop Services, formerly "Terminal Services". Their official client software is currently referred to as Remote Desktop Connection, formerly "Terminal Services Client". Whilst the client application is provided free with each copy of Windows, the server that you would access isn't going to be free, licensing needs to be considered.