Multi-Take Check Calls

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Multi-Take Check Calls

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This function enables the CallTaker application to process multiple check calls that are due for a location across all posts.

The application will only look at check calls that are due at the same time.

When CallTaker takes a check call from one of the officers working at the location, all other check calls due at the same time will be processed.

The response displayed will be ‘Multi Taken’ and the PIN and SIN recorded against each of the calls processed will be the PIN and SIN of the officer who made the call.

This information will also be passed to the Call Monitor application.

[Note: The Multi-Take function does not apply if the call has been received via TelMe or WorkMonitor)


Auto Take / Multi-Take

Auto Take / Multi-Take


Setting Up the Multi-man Check Call option


Open the Schedule application.

Select Location Data from the left of the window.

Select the Location required from the location list on the left of the window.

Select the Time Capture tab at the top of the window. The Time Capture window will now be displayed.

If the boxes displayed under the Multi Take label at the top of the window are greyed out, the database function has not been enabled.

Contact Customer Support to request this be enabled..


To enable Multi Take, tick the box to the right of the call type Auto Take column, CHK calls only, by clicking on it.

Click on the ‘Save’ button on the right of the window to save the changes.

Repeat these steps for each post to be included.